3-tier Cat Activity Tree Cat Condo Tower – Grey (33″ x 30″) (Grey)

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3-tier Cat Activity Tree Cat Condo Tower – Grey (33″ x 30″) (Grey). Give your cat the purrrfect home with this luxurious three-tiered cat condo tower! Boasting multiple areas for playtime and lounging, this cat furniture offers your feline friend a fabulous existence while you’re away at work! Made from durable materials that guarantee a stable and secure playground for your pet, this cat tree is also warm and cozy, making it a wonderful resting spot for the infamous cat-nap! Covered in soft, grey microfiber fabric and sisal rope, this cat condo and scratcher is a must have for any cat owner. The compact size of this small cat tree makes it perfect for smaller cats and kittens and offers the same amenities as larger activity trees. Two cat cube condos and one open platform bed give your feline friend plenty of options for their next nap and lots of space for play. Arranged in such a way as to maximize space while keeping a compact profile, this cat tree is a great option for those lacking in vertical space. Fun details like the fabric and sisal ladder, the sisal covered posts, and the repositionable top level make this cat tree highly engaging and provide your cat with multiple surfaces to engage with. The sisal covered ladder and support posts are a great way for your pet to take out any nervous energy they may have and may even help curb destructive tendencies and save your other furniture from their sharp clutches! PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 33″ H x 30″ L x 27″ D Weight: 29 lbs. Instruction manual included Allen wrench included FEATURES/BENEFITS: COMPACT DESIGN – The low profile and compact design of this cat tower is a major selling point for those short on space and make this cat condo a great choice for smaller cats and kittens. INTERACTIVE DESIGN – Fun interactive elements keep your cat entertained, healthy, and happy. SOFT PLUSH FABRIC – Microfiber pile fabric is soft to the touch and extra gentle on your cats’ skin and coat. NATURAL SISAL ROPE – All-natural sisal rope encourages scratching, keeps your cat’s claws healthy and manageable, and helps keep your furniture intact. STURDY BASE – Solid construction and base provides a stable and safe environment so your feline can play and lounge with confidence.